Deep and Underground Excavations

by Fulvio Tonon, (editor),
Xian Liu, (editor),
Wie Wu, (editor),

American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, VA
978-0-7844-1107-0 (ISBN-13) | 2010, Soft Cover, Pg. viii, 374
22 cm.
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GSP Geotechnical Special Publication (GSP) 206
Conference information: GeoShanghai International Conference 2010 | Shanghai, China | June 3-5, 2010

Document Type: Book - Proceedings

Abstract: Proceedings of sessions of GeoShanghai 2010, held in Shanghai, China, June 3-5, 2010. Hosted by Tongji University, China; Shanghai Society of Civil Engineering, China; Chinese Institution of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, China. In cooperation with Alaska University Transportation Center, USA; Geo-Institute of ASCE, USA; Deep Foundation Institute, USA; East China Architectural Design and Research Institute Company, China; Georgia Institute of Technology, USA; Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan; Transportation Research Board, USA; University of Newcastle, Australia; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA; University of Kansas, USA; University of Tennessee, USA; Vienna University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Austria. This Geotechnical Special Publication contains 49 papers presenting the latest research into using the subsurface as a civil engineering dimension. The pressure exerted by increasing population, sensitivity toward the environment, and the ever-increasing cost of the land are a few of the reasons that underground excavations are necessary to society's health and future. Excavations below the surface provide space for services, transportation of people and goods, water supply and disposal, sanitation, and storage. These papers offer global examples of practical applications of excavations, especially in China. These papers analyze deep excavations and retaining structures, tunnels and underground excavations, and new frontiers in urban geotechnology.

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