Pipelines 2008: Pipeline Asset Management: Maximizing Performance of our Pipeline Infrastructure

by Sanjiv Gokhale, (editor),
Shah Rahman, (editor),

American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, VA
978-0-7844-0994-7 (ISBN-13) | 2008, CD/DVD

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Conference information: International Pipelines Conference 2008 | Atlanta, Georgia, United States | July 22-27, 2008

Document Type: Book - Proceedings

Abstract: Proceedings of the ASCE International Pipelines Conference, held in Atlanta, Georgia, July 22-27, 2008. Sponsored by the Pipeline Division of ASCE. This collection of 135 papers focuses on pipeline asset management, with an emphasis on maximizing the performance of pipeline infrastructure. With shrinking budgets and continued deterioration of aging systems, there are compelling reasons to support a proactive and intelligent approach to infrastructure evaluation and management. Managers of municipal infrastructure assets must make difficult technical decisions regarding when and how to maintain, repair, or renew their assets. Managers are also called upon to allocate funds amongst competing yet deserving needs, with insufficient or incomplete data at their disposal. This makes for an extremely challenging environment, especially from a long-term decision-making point of view. These papers address how owners and engineers might proceed with collecting attribute information associated with their collection systems, identifying potential problems within the system, determining capacity issues and ultimately developing effective maintenance and rehabilitation strategies to mitigate these problems in a cost-effective manner. More than 20 papers in this collection examine the issue of pipeline asset management for today and tomorrow. Other topics include: planning, design, and construction (renewal and new construction); asset management, risks, and inspection; hydraulic design; durability, operation, maintenance; future, corrosion, education, and case studies.

Subject Headings: Pipelines | Construction management | Assets | Pipeline management | Hydraulic design | Resource management | Managers |


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